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Dear Potential Sponsor,

Established 1926, the UCLA Ice Hockey Team is a proud and active member of both the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) and the Pac-8 Hockey league. Comprised of twenty combined UCLA undergraduate and graduate students, the UCLA Hockey team directly competes with universities all around the region for a chance to compete for both the Pac-8 Championship as well as the ACHA Division II National Championship.

In the most recent 2009-2010 hockey season, UCLA Hockey enjoyed a higher level of success relative to its’ past few seasons. Having rightfully earned the chance to hoist the Crosstown Cup over bitter rival USC for the first time in nearly six seasons, the UCLA Hockey Team looks to defend the Cup into the coming seasons. On top of this, the team aims to carve a path to claim a coveted Pac-8 Hockey Title, something that UCLA Hockey has been striving endlessly for. However, due to financial limitations combined with the fact that our players are students first and foremost, UCLA Hockey’s ability to compete on such a level has been greatly hindered.

Even with college students on the team paying in upwards of $2,000 every year to play on the team, UCLA Hockey has struggled in past seasons to raise enough funds to cover the yearly budget of nearly $70,000. Due to these financial limitations, the team has been forced to utilize relatively unfavorable ice locations and rink times. As a result, players have found it extremely difficult to balance both school and hockey, thus preventing the team from achieving its potential and being competitive on a national scale.

This is where we seek your help, to not only make playing college hockey for UCLA students a possible experience, but to also help guide UCLA Hockey to a Pac-8 Championship and one day a National Championship. We ask our sponsors to monetarily support UCLA Hockey so that it is possible to cover the costs of equipment, road travel and ice time. We wholeheartedly feel that with financial support, UCLA Hockey will receive the essential boost it needs to propagate the legacy of UCLA Athletics across the country.

If interested in making a charitable and tax-deductible donation to UCLA Hockey, please contact the UCLA Hockey Coach and General Manager, Jason Kitay at Kitay4@gmail.com. We offer an array of sponsorship packages that includes things such as advertising at our home rink as well as complimentary UCLA Hockey Merchandise. We truly appreciate you taking the time to learn more about UCLA Hockey and sincerely hope you can join us in taking UCLA Hockey to the next level.


Michael Carder